Enza Vita

Sacro Monte In This Very Breath

Every breath is God’s breath whether we breathe it consciously or not. So, with each breath we find this gift, this profound opportunity to be with the Presence, to participate in the “seeing” through these very eyes, through God’s eyes.

There comes a moment when there’s nothing left to do but to make oneself clear and available to what is already taking place, to let that which God sees, be that which we see.

There’s a sweet joy in this that is absolute and incomparable … it’s the gift that is waiting to be received, with each breath. When seen through these eyes, God’s eyes, everything is charged with a dynamic stillness filled with purpose. Nothing needs to be done necessarily yet, doing will naturally and effortlessly follow …

and all that we actually do, becomes God’s work … Suddenly the most menial task or supposedly insignificant event is witnessed in the expanded awakened awareness that always accompanies this sacred seeing, and the emptiness that may once have been experienced as nihilism when seen only through the limited lens of the human condition, becomes the emptiness that gives space to the rich fullness and completeness of the Divine, of God Itself.

When we suffer, we have forgotten how to look. The simple reminder, is the rediscovery in each breath that God is here … in this very breath … this one, right here.

For now, don’t worry about any future breaths, simply come back in to this breath, for this breath is the only one that is real … Slow down … let the sanctity of this inhale be full and complete … follow the breath right to the top of the inhale … and at this point watch carefully and sit in this most precious juncture …

and as if standing at the top of a mountain … simply pause and take in the vast panoramic vista … witness your surrounds in the depth and clarity being offered from this vantage point … and watch as the emptiness gently transforms into what it truly is … God’s fullness, God’s completeness.

Now … gently follow the out breath right to the bottom of the mountain. Once back down, simply allow for the ascension of the in breath to take place …. watch carefully, and as you look through these eyes, God’s eyes, for this breath only, allow for the glories of Heaven to come into view, for this breath only … reach the summit, pause, look, listen … and in deep gratitude: allow, simply allow this sacred immersion to be the encounter with the Divine that it truly is.

Every time you remember, let the ascent … the pause … and the descent be witnessed.
With each breath, you will deepen your appreciation for how very sacred this life truly is, lived and witnessed through these eyes, through God’s eyes in this very breath.

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”
– Mary Oliver