Enza Vita

The End of Seeking – Give It Your Love

There’s an emptiness here.

Once I used to fear it, run from it, desperately try to fill it … with something, anything. Now, the emptiness is somehow full and complete and resolved, and I am at peace with it. I now see it as a spaciousness, and in this spaciousness: Presence, God’s Presence.

So much of our days are futilely filled with the struggle to fill the emptiness .. the gap, yet … This gap is exactly what’s required to finally come to the end of seeking. If we still seek, we are still waiting for that “missing” something or someone to be found to help fill the gap. Coming out of the struggle requires a new way of seeing, a willingness to rest in this placeless place, to be willing to not move from it and give our whole lives over to it … when this is done, what once was feared will now be seen as nothing less than the Love of God.

Then life will simply be lived, one breath at a time, in deep devotion that which never dies … from this, we are to do only one thing: Give It Your Love.